Ripe vapes Berries and Cream


As you inhale, the burst of tartness from the juicy berries makes every taste bud tingle. Notes of tasty tang begin to emerge as your tongue distinguishes each berry component. The berries become pleasant before a generous dollop of smooth, rich whipped cream cloaks the tongue on the exhale. In other words, it is a true premium e-juice. Besides, you will enjoy the berries and Cream taste.

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Berries and Cream Salts. Ripe Vapes Saltz 30ml is a refreshing, mouth-watering dessert that’s light and sweet. This e-liquid has arrived just in time for the warm summer days. when we find ourselves craving juicy fruits that don’t overwhelm the palate. A variety of plump, perfectly ripe berries smothered in smooth, velvety whipped cream, making every taste bud jump up and down with joy.

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